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Rosalie hosted a shearing party at her farm in St. Louis in September.  Here are the rabbits waiting to be sheared.  Looks like they have a body guard!

Everyone will be meeting again in December to have the rabbits judged and shear again expecting their animals to meet the minimum wool weight of 325 grams.

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2010 Annual General Meeting in Frankenmuth, Michigan

The fun started at Sue’s with registration and a felting workshop on Thursday.  Here is Joyce posing with her beautiful black German doe in Sue’s yard.

On Friday, everyone was at Zeilinger’s for the big tour, more workshops and more rabbit testings and registrations. 

The Zeilinger staff graciously allowed us to use their facilities for a workshop Friday morning.  The tour consisted of the carding facilities, the sock machines, the quilting area, and of course the spinnery.

Kate Zeilinger was on hand to show us the carding and sock making facilities with Gary and Dodi demonstrating how the spinning equipment works.

Here, Gary is showing Michaele how the yarn is made.

IAGARB Members seeing how the IAGARB Co-op yarn is made from start to finish.

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Sacramento Testing and Registration

Bungalow Farm's Klaudia and Molly discuss judging results

On March 30, 2010 IAGARB Testing and Registration was held in Sacramento.  Cathy, Lindsay, and Erin had rabbits tested and registered.  It was a fun day with Molly taking the judges test and passing.  Leslie was available to judge.  One highlight was Bungalow Farm’s Rubicon testing with 513 grams (2052 g. annum) and passing with a total of 98 pts.

Bungalow Farm's Rubicon during judging

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IAGARBs New Judge!

Molly Golter, of Eastern Oregon (District 1), is IAGARBs newest Judge!  Molly came all the way to Sacramento yesterday to take the day long test.  Congratulations Molly!

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Happy Equinox!

Samson’s Pinky reaches for the scent of the first day of Spring.  Happy Equinox!

Photo: Alice Guthrie, Hagersville, Ontario
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Early Spring Registrations In Michigan

Everyone enjoyed the warm fire and relaxed friendship on a rainy day!  Susan made a delicious soup for lunch.  Leslie brought      pickled herring – a Swedish delight for Susan.

From left to right -Sisters Sabrina and Shelly pose with beautiful angoras.  Joyce holds Wiley’s Fortune, an armful of golden hybrid German angora.  Susan registered two more German Angoras, Wiley’s Euphoria and Ernest Lee.  Congratulations, Susan!!

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