2010 Annual General Meeting Schedule


Registration Forms will be available on the IAGARB Website (www.iagarb.com) soon.  Online Registration will be available.  For more information, please contact Erin Maclean at:  registration@iagarb.com  or call 916-452-1001

To go directly to the Registration Form, click here.

Thursday, April 22
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Location – Manchester, Michigan at the home of Susan Wiley

Early Rabbit Testing & Registration
If you would like to get a head start on the weekend’s activities by shearing your animals first – this is the day to do it.  All judges attending the AGM are encouraged to begin testing their animals early.

12:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Location – Manchester, Michigan at the home of Susan Wiley

Felted Cap Workshop
Instructor – Leslie Samson
It may sound simple and it is.  At the same time, this workshop will offer you valuable direction to increase your sales of Blizzard 85/15 yarn or premium handspun as well as the less than prime wool used in the felt.
Learn how to make a light felted cap in an hour or less.  After that, we will discuss how to market it with knitted brims, crocheted trims and needle felted embellishments.  Kit assembly and pricing options will be included in the discussion.
Everyone will leave with a light, comfortable, felted angora hat.
No previous experience necessary.
Cost of all materials, supplies and use of necessary tools included.
Workshop Price:  Members 45.00 – Non-members 55.00

Friday, April 23
9:30 am – 11:30 am
Location: Zeilinger Woolen Mill, Frankenmuth, Michigan

Tattoo and Wool Grading Clinic
Instructor – Leslie Samson
We will begin with an explanation of the IAGARB tattoo system.  Different tattoo equipment and the pros and cons for each type will be discussed.  In particular, we will focus on the use of the battery powered tattoo pen.  This is an easy and humane device to use that will make clear and permanent tattoos.  Learn the little tricks that will give you the best results – quickly and safely.
For those who have participated in the IAGARB / E-Z TAT deal, you can pick up your equipment at this time.   If you have not already pre-paid for your tattoo set, please bring cash.

We will conclude this clinic with a guide to grading your wool.  This knowledge is vital to the success of any angora wool producer.  Learn the different grades according to the IAGARB system and how they apply to angora products.
No previous experience necessary.  Handouts included.
If you have one rabbit you would like to tattoo, please bring it.   You will also need to bring: an old bath towel and a roll of paper towels.
Clinic Price:  Members – 25.00  Non-Members 30.00

Friday, April 23
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Location: Assemble in the Zeilinger Woolen Mill Store at the front of the building.

Zeilinger Tour
This is where the magic happens!  Come take a closer look at the friendliest and cleanest wool processing mill we’ve ever seen!  Meet the members of the Zeilinger family and staff.   They make our yarn.  Learn what else they can do for you.
Tour is Free

Friday, April 23
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Location: Zeilinger Woolen Mill, Frankenmuth, Michigan

Rabbit Registration Testing continues until 4:00 pm when everyone will be responsible for cleaning up their own fuzz.  Doors locked at 4:30 pm.


This will be an unplanned evening for attending members.  Frankenmuth is a charming town with many restaurants.  Visit : http://www.frankenmuth.org to learn more.

The workday for members of the Standards Committee will continue in closed session.  Results will be reported during the business meeting on Sunday morning.

Saturday, April 24
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Location:  Zehnders Restaurant, Garden Room, Frankenmuth, Michigan
Visit http://www.Zehnders.com for location.

Professor Emeritus, Oregon State University

9:00 am – 12:30pm
Nutritional Management of Rabbits and Principles of Rabbit Nutrition

What does go on in a rabbit’s gut?  How does the food offered affect growth, performance and health?  What is the relationship between the bacteria populating a rabbit’s cecum and the rabbit itself?

Few people in the world are better able to answer these questions than Dr. Peter Cheeke.  IAGARB is extremely pleased to sponsor this opportunity to learn from the father of rabbit nutrition in North America.   Dr. Cheeke is well known around the globe as a nutritional expert who has just completed his 14th book.

Nutritional requirements and disorders of rabbits are reflection mainly of the nature of their digestive tracts.  Rabbits have several unique characteristics involved in the processing of food, which will be discussed in detail.

The nature and nutritional consequences of cecotrophy will be presented.  A number of diet related disorders such as enteritis, enterotoxemia, hypercalcemia, fur chewing and nutrient deficiencies, and toxicities will be covered.  Special roles of fiber in rabbit nutrition will be discussed.

There is an important relationship between diet and pasteurellosis, and the control of ammonia in the rabbitry.  Vitamin requirements, especially relating to vitamin A and reproduction will be presented.

Lunch Break:  Purchase what you like from the wide selection at Zehnders Café located next door to the Garden Room.  If the weather is warm, feel free to picnic near the river.

1:30 pm – 5:00pm
Applications of Yucca and Quillaja Additives for Rabbits

Yucca schidigera is harvested and processed in Northern Mexico.  Quillaja saponaria is native to Chile.   Yucca and quillaja powders contain a number of active constituents, including saponins, oligosaccharides and polyphenols.
Some of the effects of yucca when used as a feed additive include lowered environmental ammonia, improved respiratory tract health, suppression of protozoa (e.g. coddidia), growth promotion and improved feed conversion effciency.  Yucca contains polyphenolic compounds (resversatrol, yuccaols) which have anti-inflammatory activity, and improve gut health.
Quillaja is a new feed additive for rabbits.  It stimulates the immune system, with favorable effects on respiratory and digestive health.  Quillaja saponins stimulate production of a healthy intestinal mucosa.

A new feed supplement containing a unique blend of yucca and quillaja will be presented by Dr. Cheeke.  Preliminary tests by IAGARB member, Erin Maclean, suggest good reason for optimism with respect to both improvements in health and wool production.
A limited supply of the product, YQ+ will be available at the IAGARB AGM.

6:00 Dinner

Its time to socialize and talk rabbits with other people who love to talk rabbits!

Dinner at Zehnders includes Noodle Soup, Zehnder’s Creamy Cabbage Salad, Cheese Spread and Chicken Liver Paté With Garlic Toast, Freshly Baked Breads and Butter, Preserves, Cottage Cheese, Seasonal Relish, Frankenmuth Golden Fried Chicken, Grandma Zehnder’s Dressing, Mashed Potatoes, Giblet Gravy, Noodles, Vegetable, and Ice Cream.  Coffee, tea, or soft drink includes.  Cash bar.

Price includes a full day of lectures and dinner.
Members 45.00  Non-members- 55.00
Do not pass up the chance to spend a day with Dr. Cheeke!

Sunday, April 25
9:00 am – 3:ish pm
Location:  Zehnders Restaurant, Garden Room, Frankenmuth, Michigan

9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Our business meeting will begin promptly at 9:00 am.  It will be followed by our annual awards and a light lunch.

After lunch, our special program speaker, Dr. Cheeke will continue to build on his lecture regarding YQ+.  If any of our members missed his Saturday afternoon discussion, because they were busy shearing, they will have an opportunity to catch up during the Sunday presentation.

Price includes lunch and lecture.
Members – 20.00
Non-members are welcomed after 12:00 pm for the luncheon and lecture – 30.00

IAGARB reserves the sole rights to record, video, photograph and reproduce the events of the AGM weekend.   Recording devices, video equipment and photography will not be permitted in any IAGARB class or event without the express permission of the subject and an IAGARB elected officer.


Angora Testing and Registration
During the IAGARB AGM weekend, judges will be available to evaluate and observe shearing:
Thursday, April 22 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm – Manchester, Michigan
Friday, April 23, from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm – Zeilinger’s, Frankenmuth, Michigan
Saturday, April 24 from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm – Zeilinger’s, Frankenmuth, Michigan

* Please note that if you need to test on Saturday, you will be able to hear the YQ+ presentation again on Sunday.  We have requested that the Sunday program will be focused on diet as related to wool production.

**IAGARB registration is available to IAGARB members.  Non-members are welcomed to put their rabbits up for an IAGARB Wool Evaluation, provided they have proof of shearing 90 prior to the testing date which has been previously submitted to the IAGARB Registrar.

IAGARB registrations make an excellent opportunity to learn about rabbit shearing.  Anyone is welcomed to quietly observe.

Angora Rabbit Market
Looking to sell?  Looking to buy?
This is always a topic of interest when Angora rabbit breeders come together.

During our AGM weekend, standard IAGARB Market Day rules will apply.
1. Angoras only.
2. Only IAGARB members will be allowed to offer rabbits for sale.  A maximum of 4 rabbits may be offered by any IAGARB member during the AGM weekend.
3. No rabbit under the age of 12 weeks will be offered for sale.  Proof of age to be noted on pedigree.
4. All rabbits offered for sale must be cleared by an IAGARB judge as being free of any obvious signs of disease or mites.
5. Any rabbit found to be ill or too young will be immediately removed by the owner.
6. No tail-gate sales.

Market Day times will coincide with Registration and Testing times and locations.


Wow!  Did we get a deal!  The Frankenmuth Motel is right next to the Zeilinger Woolen Mill.  Phone number is (989) 652-6171.

The regular room rate is 95.00 plus tax.  Our room rate is only 80.00 plus tax.  The non-smoking rooms have 2 queen beds, a television and a refrigerator.  A Continental breakfast is included.   We visited and check out the rooms.  They were spacious and the beds were firm.  The price was certainly right!

To book your room, contact the Frankenmuth before March 23th.  Mention “IAGARB” to take advantage of our special rate.    Two of the rooms at the Frankenmuth Motel are designated as Pet Rooms and will accommodate rabbits for an additional fee of $10.00 for the weekend.

There are several other hotels in the Frankenmuth area.  Please check on-line for other options.  Zehnders has a fancy hotel / water park if you are coming with your family.

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IAGARB Annual General Meeting Announcement!

IAGARB 2010 Annual General Meeting

April 22, 23, 24 & 25 Frankenmuth, Michigan

It is time for Schnitzel and Strudel again! This year we will return to the charming German theme town of Frankenmuth, home of Zeilinger Woolen Mill.

This year’s program will be very full! As always, our workshops and seminars are open to members and non-members alike. Please check back for more details and the complete event schedule.

We are thrilled to announce that our Special Program Speaker will be Dr. Peter R. Cheeke, Professor Emeritus, Oregon State University. Among the many books he has written, co-authored or edited are: Rabbit Production with Drs. Patton, Lukefar and McNitt; Rabbit Feeding and Nutrition, Natural Toxicants in Feeds, Forages and Poisonous Plants 2nd Edition, Applied Animal Nutrition: Feeds and Feeding 3rd Edition, and Contemporary Issues in Animal Agriculture.

Check back often… more AGM information will be posted soon!

To register for the AGM,  please visit http://www.iagarb.com to download the form.  This will reserve your space for all the sessions you wish to attend.

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Silverton, Oregon Registration

Registration was hosted by President Gail Smith in Silverton on November 14.  Margie’s stunning doe, Raspberry Farm’s Temperance, was tested and registered.  Temperance passed with a score of 97 pts. and 1472 grams.  Standards of care and proper feed were major topics of conversation.

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Congratulations to IAGARB member Lindsay Logan who won Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex in the Giant Angora Class at the ARBA National Convention in San Diego!  Judge Ray poses with a joyful Lindsay and her gorgeous rabbits – Bungalow Farm’s Gilda  BOB and Bungalow Farm’s Sundance BOS.
IAGARB member Cathy Lenker also placed well in the Giant Angora Intermediate class with Bungalow Farms Koln and Bungalow Farms Marquee.

We are very proud of you both and your spectacular German Angoras!  Quality shows!  Lindsay and Cathy, we hope to see you both in the spring for registration.

Thanks to Betty Chu for allowing us to use your photograph.

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IAGARB Coast to Coast!

The Grand Journey began when Leslie and three German angora rabbits headed out from Ontario, Canada on September 30th to begin a 2,500 mile solo drive across the US to Dixon, California for the Lambtown Wool Festival.

lambtown and dragon 007
For Leslie this was an emotional trip.  This was a road she had taken many times with her father, Bob.  To travel it without him was like driving through memories of past journeys. Friday evening she called Erin from the California/ Nevada state line – “Hey, I did it!  Your new rabbits and I will be at your house very soon.”

The Lambtown Fair was held on Saturday, October 3rd.  It was a gorgeous California day – bright, breezy and clear.  The show was well attended.  Leslie’s classes went well.  The IAGARB display was mobbed most of the day.  Sandy H. answered questions from the crowd.

lambtown and dragon 009

Erin and Sandy sheared rabbits for registration while the crowds watched.
lambtown and dragon 030
Journey’s End – We arrived back in Ontario very late on Sunday night.  We could have gotten home sooner but Erin was flirting with the customs officer at the Canadian border.  (nerk nerk nerk)

We enjoyed the fall colors for the next few days before it was time to fly home again to Sacramento.

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On the Road to Rhinebeck

On October 7, Leslie Samson and I left Sacramento for Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival in NY.  We traveled by car following a successful registration and series of workshops at Lambtown.  Along for the ride were a few German Angoras, including Bungalow Farm’s Ouija who was up the Adventure!  Here are a few shots of Ouija along the way enjoying the sites of America along Interstate 80 (just in case anyone is wondering, Bungalow Farm’s Klaus sneaked in there too–not be left out!):


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More Wool to the Mill!


Sue Wiley and Leslie Samson met in Frankenmuth, Michigan at Zeilingers Mill to drop off wool for another yarn run.  After all of the wool was checked for grading and lot weights, they enjoyed lunch across the river from a waterfall and a waiting tour boat.

Frankenmuth is a beautiful town located just north of Flint, Michigan.  It has tons of shopping, great restaurants and all sorts of fun activities.

We are planning to hold our 2010 IAGARB AGM in April at the Bavarian Inn located in the center of Frankenmuth.  There will be classes, registration, a special speaker, a rabbit sale day and off course, our meeting.  Final details will be announced in January.

dan dam Zeilingers 007

Sue Wiley and Kathy Zeilinger were surrounded by a cloud of soft angora while they weighed in the wool for our next 80 pound run.  What a joy it is to see so much gorgeous, silky, prime German fiber.  No wonder they look so happy!

piling it in Zeilingers 009

One of the Zeilinger employees tried to carry all of the angora wool in the bag – but it wouldn’t quite fit.   As far as interesting experiences go – it feels a bit incongruous to know that a container holds one of the lightest fibers in the world, but still be unable to lift the bag.
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